How can I wash and dry my hair?

Always dry your hair gently with a hairdryer. Avoid pulling and don’t go to bed with wet hair.
You should aim to wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week.

Apply a small amount of shampoo on your hands and massage very gently into the scalp. Rub the shampoo in gently to the ends of the hair. Using your shower head, rinse the shampoo from the roots. Part your hair to ensure you rinse all the shampoo from the extensions. Rinse the remainder of your hair. Remember to always condition the ends of the hair and not the roots. Conditioning the roots will cause the extensions to slide out.

Can I use heat tools on my hair extensions?

Heat will damage any hair but we understand that you will want to curl and straighten. Use professional heat protection products and don't over- style as this will cause your hair to dry out. It is real hair so it can withstand a certain amount of straightening.

How do I brush my hair extensions?

Brush the ends first and work your way up by holding your hair gently. Avoid catching individual rings and always use a hair extension brush.

What shampoo/conditioners and products are recommended for hair extensions?

Shampoos contain sulphates and parabens that strip the cuticle layer of moisture and colour. We only recommend sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. It may be tempting to go for a cheap supermarket brand but these often contain oils causing the hair to slip out and shed. Heat protector sprays and protein sprays are especially great for taking care of your extensions on holiday and keeps then fresh in the sunlight.

Can I use swimming facilities with my hair extensions?

Yes of course but if you are blonde the extensions will respond to the chlorine by changing colour if they are overexposed. Any chemical on the hair will reduce its lifespan so wear a swimming cap where possible.

Will you be able to see the bonds?

No. You will be fitted with the smallest micro rings available on the market. We have plenty of shades to match your hair colour.

Will hair extensions damage the natural state of my hair?

No. You are in good hands always make sure you are going to a fully qualified extensionist with plenty of experience. Hair extensions when fitted correctly are safe for your hair and always make sure you have your regular maintenance appointments to keep the hair look healthy and fresh.

Can I colour my hair?

In theory; yes. You can dye the T section where no rings are present. However, we don’t know your hairdresser so we would never encourage it. If you feel you want to dye your roots then you are welcome to contact me for a temporary removal or use a hairdresser that will dye your hair without disturbing the extensions at all.

Can I leave my extensions in on holiday?

The sun, sea salt and pool chemicals are not good for your hair. We want you to have amazing holiday hair so keep it covered in the strong sunshine to avoid overexposure to UV rays, sea salt and heat. Our girls keep their hair out of the sun during the day and wear it down at night. As long as you don’t expose it sunbathing on the beach you should be able to show it off no problem. *light blonde hair is very sensitive to the sun. We recommend removal if you are going to a hot country to avoid burning the cuticle.

Can I have extensions throughout my pregnancy?

We advise against wearing extensions whilst pregnant. Hormonal changes can cause hair loss and we want you to feel as confident as you can even if you don’t fit into your skinny jeans! We offer a free removal service for pregnant ladies. We will then refit your extensions 3 months after you have given birth.

Are hair extensions safe whilst exercising or using the  gym facilities?

You have invested in the best-approved hair and you should not have to change your lifestyle at all. We encourage you to exercise but remember to wash and dry your hair immediately after to avoid grease build-up and slippage of the rings.

How do I remove my extensions?

Please do not attempt this yourself. We offer a safe removal service.

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